VCDX Deepdive Slides

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Deepdive slides will outnumber the defense slides in your VCDX slide deck. They will include various slides, all based on your comfort level to explain things verbally or feel as it can be explained quicker with a diagram. But please make sure you can explain everything on whiteboard as well if asked to do so.

I had the following categories of slides in my deck:

  • Technology Deepdives
    • Storage (Zoning, VAAI, NMP’s, VASA, IO Queuing) , Security (certificates, security compliance analysis), Network (vLAG/vPC, STP/BDPUs) and VMware related (vNUMA, HA Restart timing, Isolation Response timing, DRS, NIOC, FT etc)
    • See an example technology slide on the bottom of this post.
  • Design Deepdives
    • Specific slides with diagrams and explanations from the design.
  • Blueprints and Logical Diagrams Deepdives
    • Edited blueprint diagrams to fit a smaller projector, and most logical diagrams (just in case)

These slides were gathered in a section underneath the main defense slides with a catalog slide to ease any slide navigation. The slides were ordered based on specific section in the blueprint, so Compute, Storage, Networking, BC/DR, Security etc. That way I could expand on specific networking topic with all the network slides in a group.

Example technology slide:


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