VCDX Defense Preparations

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The defense can be considered the main event of the VCDX journey. It is a single meeting that determines if you can show that you fulfill all the requirements to be recognized as a VMware Certified Design Expert. No pressure…

The defense itself has three separate sections.

  • The Design Defence
  • The Design Scenario
  • The Troubleshooting Scenario

The section are run in that order but the time you get in each section differs between the VCDX tracks:

  • The Design Defense
    • DCV: 75 min
    • Cloud: 75 min
    • Desktop: 75 min
    • NV: 75 min
  • The Design Scenario
    • DCV: 30 min
    • Cloud: 45 min
    • Desktop: 45 min
    • NV: 30 min
  • The Troubleshooting Scenario
    • DCV: 15 min
    • Cloud: 30 min
    • Desktop: 30 min
    • NV: 15 min

This is of course is explained in detail in each of the tracks blueprint. The blueprint is the single most important document of the VCDX journey, close second to the design documentation itself. Please read the blueprint at least a couple of times since it really includes what the panelist is looking for in a candidate and the design itself.

Here is an excerpt from the DCV Blueprint regarding objectives for the defense sections:


How do you prepare for this important meeting?

I’m calling it a “meeting” because it can be considered as nothing more the an important meeting with a highly skilled customer that will be asking you some questions on the design you created and should know (The Design Defense). Also they will be checking if you would be a fit for another project they have planned (The Design Scenario), and also they have some issues they would like you take a look at (The Troubleshooting Scenario). There is actually NO reason to get stressed since at the time you walk into that room you know you are ready and the customer will be helping you.

Now that the slide deck is coming along, skill transfer questions getting answered and updated, the presentation potential boxes are getting filled up, so the defense day preparations start. The preparations I used can be split into specific categories:

Each of these sections will be covered in a separate blog post.