VCDX Potential Defense Questions

Originally posted in September 2015 on

The VCDX Potential Defense Questions box included question regarding a specific item on the slide that was related to an item in the design document itself. So it was questions regarding why I did certain things, and how certain thing work in relations to the design itself or just a specific technology detail.

Here are some of the boxes from my defense slides:


Once again you might be noticing that some of the question were already in the vSphere or Deep Dive boxes. This is done on purpose to have different angles to the same question. The defense questions were things I actually thought I would get asked on so I created a fully formed question just to recognize it immediately when asked. It helped 🙂

Many questions were risk oriented, or even addressed specific item I felt I didn’t explain well enough in the design itself, e.g. When will the replication traffic become a bottleneck? How will the network infrastructure scale?

All of the answers were extremely short, just 20 seconds max so that I could answer and move on to the next item on the slide deck.

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