VCDX Presentation WhatIfs

Originally posted in September 2015 on

After I got the first part of the slide deck “presentable”, meaning I could present it in a mock defense session, I started creating a set of additional “What-if” boxes around the main slide area. (Yes this post “might” include a copious amount of quotation marks)

What are “What-if” boxes? Those boxes include the following categories and I’ll cover each of them in detail on the links:

A overview picture is in order and I’ll continue with that network design slide.


Basically its just small boxes with text in that helped me cover specific question related to the current slide.

It was a great way for me to learn any potential questions or anything that might come up during the defense. I then created a list using OneNote with the questions and all the answers. Then I imported all those questions and answers to a set in Quizlet, a flash card type learning tool. I highly recommend using that service for anything you need to remember. Each workday I would go through the Quizlet questions for 1 hour, or the time it took to take the bus to and from work.

Each question that had been answered was marked as bold. That way I had a visual overview and constant reminder how much I needed to work on for each slide.