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For the first part of the deck, or the section you are planning to present to the panelist, the notes section (for PowerPoint that is, similar sections are available for other presentation applications) is something you can utilize to create a some sort of a transcript of things you want to mention during the presentation.

I wrote a text containing everything I wanted to mention, as well as for including some deepdive content (as I described in the corresponding VCDX What-Ifs subsection). It included design decision content as well as specific phrasing, so for a non-native english speaker as my self, I had some sentences that increased the “flow” of the presentation.

Let face it though, you will never be able to remember every single word you wanted to say, and you will never be able to go through the whole deepdive content for each slide, unless you are an auctioneer which in that case it might get very difficult to understand you.

Here are some of the things I included:


As you can see I “bolded” the thing I thought I needed to say/remember, and phrasing was a part of that. An example:

  • …scale quickly enough to validate…
  • …items that impacted the design…
  • …in regards to…
  • …Requirements/constraints that shaped the project (heard it during some of my mocks with Gregg Robertson, go check out is blog for a very extensive VCDX resource page)

It helped me find a certain flow for the presentation as when you have the transcript you can go over it repeatedly until you remember certain phrases and certain design components. The slide itself had bold words that correlated to a specific bold section of the transcript so that I had a specific sentence behind each bold word on each slide.

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